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7:17 PM

hello! happy wednesday guys ^^
hmm.. i don't know what i have to post, actually this week is our buffer week in college (yes, we will have final exam from next Monday) oh God! really lazy to start study TT__TT
and you know what? buffer week means nothing to do. hm. don't feel like doin anything, include shopping. i wanna save my money, because i have so many plans to buy in Indonesia. yes! december is coming, and it means that i'll back to my lovely country soon. 

okay, now, i wanna share to you about one of my hobbies. 
yesterday, i opened this site : http://www.xiaoxizhang.com/
i know this blog from her lookbook. yes, she is a fashion blogger and fashion illustrator. amazing right? hmm, i love her illustration pictures and of course, her style too. omg! really!

 (i took from her lookbook: Nancy Zhang)

really cute right? for more pictures of her, you can open it from her lookbook, or her blog hehee :)

actually, i like drawing too. but, i can't draw people. i just can draw like doodles, animals (in cartoon). i really want can draw the human. i tried, but, always poor. maybe the feet were too big, really, that's really hard x(

my friends taught me how to draw people. they can draw it TT__TT
really envy, huaaaaaaaaa
and these are some pictures from them

(by: Putri Amalia )

i don't know why they can draw anime like that. huaaaaaaa. i want that skill too TT__TT

now, i wanna share mine. doddles. i know doodles from Putri Amalia. she gave me some information about it. then, i tried to draw. hm, actually i drew these pictures when i already in KL. but, i started draw doodle in senior high school ;)
some of my pictures inspired by some images from google, then i combine with my own creations ;)

(my cover book, i bought it in carefour KL, it has 6 different colour papers)

and the last one, in last page of my book, my friend drew it for me hahahhahaa

hey! tomorrow is 1st December!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i love decemberrrr so much! 


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6:52 AM

hahahahaaaa, i like playing bubble soap, and when i played it, my friend took pictures of me xD


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garçon manqué

4:55 AM

just wanna share some photos that we took at 5 p.m.
amateur photographer : Ivan (hahahaaa)


huft, at last, we have done the QSS test. wish us luck and get the good mark! :3

have a nice day people! 


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Quantitative Skills

7:51 AM

hello everyone!
how was your day? did you enjoy your day? i hope so ^^
hmm, today i did so many things, even tough i just woke up at 1 p.m
and that's why, i and my roommate (Christianti) skipped Quantitative skills (QSS)  morning class. actually, we have QSS test tomorrow for the last chapter, but the last and the most difficult chapter.
really lazy to study, but, we must study TT__TT

sooo, i'll tell you about something crazy that we did this morning. when we woke up, we were hungry. so we decided to go to eat in new building, in Sri Petaling (Kuala Lumpur). then, we took a bath and went to there. there are so many restaurant, boutique, yogurt shop, etc. actually, today was our second time go there, so we didn't know anything. hahahhaa
after we looked around, we were really confuse. then, we decided to go to Padi Restaurant, because so many people went to that restaurant. (PS: first time for us, because when first time we went there, we ate in Pan Mee Resto). 
we looked at the menu, wow, western foods. we ordered Dry Chili Chicken (me) and Sweet Sour Chicken (Christianti), and Coca Cola for our drinks. Yummy!!

(Dry Chili Chicken, i've eaten half :p)

After that, we wanted to buy something for our sister, Kak Leii. She had BBQ birthday party this night. so, we wanted give her something special, but we were confused what we had to buy. We went to gift shop, and bought Santa Clause Box with special birthday greeting, hahahahahaa

(bear gift bag)

(santa box)

(our crazy greeting card)


you still remember right, that we have qss test tomorrow, so after we reached home, we studied together. our friends (Ivan Siahaan and Stacy Aridru) came to our house. Ivan as the teacher. hahahaa. okay, she, no i mean he, hahahaa. he has good skill in this subject. so, we asked him, to teach us. actually, we only had time until 8 p.m, bcause we would go to kak leii's birthday party, so we will continue our study after reach home and tomorrow morning before test (test at 2 p.m.)

(our room, really full of paper)

(Ivan, Christianti, and Stacy)

(me, goin crazy)

then, at 8 p.m we went to bbq birthday party. now, i just reach home. and we will continue study for test. wish us luck! fightingg!! hehhehee


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Kiss The Snow ♡

8:29 AM

Oh my God, thank youu so much because you hearing my prayer.
I can open my blog again, actually from last night, I don’t know what happen with my internet connection, I couldn’t open my blog. Huft.

Now with me again! Hahahhaa
I just got back from hanging out with my roommate (Christianti Karmelia Kuhon) and my  best friend from same senior high school (Olivia Adinda Putri). How lucky I am, have friends like them.
Today is a long long day for us. Actually, Olivia asked us to accompany her to buy DSLR Camera. She wanted to buy that thing from a few weeks ago, and we promised to accompany her to buy that when we’re in buffer week.
And today is the right time, because she only had one class in the morning. So after she came from college, she went to our house, and we went to Lowyat (an electronic mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Today, i wore a shirt from Insight, a short from Cotton On, Cardigan from Cotton On, and shoes from a random shop in Kuala Lumpur, i love the design so much >.<

When we arrived there, we went to several different camera shops to ask the price. Actually, Olivia was confused to choose which camera that she had to buy, one is a bit more expensive, heavier, and more suitable for photographer, and the other is the camera which according to the camera sellers, more suitable for students. Actually Olivia is a student, not a photographer.
Suddenly, she told us that she didn’t bring her money, because actually, today, she just want ask about the price. Oh my goodness, I thought that she want to buy that directly. But because she was afraid if the price of that camera will be more expensive, she decided to call her mom to ask what she should do now and what type of camera that she had to buy. Then, one more thing happened again. She didn’t have phone credits. Same with me, I didn’t have too. She asked Christianti, but Christianti only had 2 RM on her phone. Hahhahahaa.
Olivia panicked, and she decided to buy some credits. But, we didn’t find it. Then, Olivia only sent text message to her mother and asked her to get online on facebook. It would be easier.
Because tired of waiting, we went to Berjaya Times Square Mall for look around and shopping. We only need to walk a bit from Lowyat.

Hey, we found a big snow doll there. Hahahahaa. Really reminded me of Christmas. Can wait for that!
We took pictures with this doll. And Christianti took a picture of me, look like I was kissing that doll. Hahahaa

After that, we went to Hat Attack (hat shop). I found a big pink hat there. Really cute. I wanted to buy that, but it’s too expensive. And where I’ll use that hat if I buy that. So, I just took a picture with that hat. Cute hat right? :D

Then, we decided to go to Secret Recipes. A famous and really delicious cake shop. But before that, i bought 3 vintage rings! this is the picture. which one do you like? i love the frog much! >.< Heheheehehehhehhehehehehhhehehehehhehehe

Back to Secret Recipes. I bought Yogurt Cheese cake, and Christianti bought Chocolate cake. Olivia was still full, so she only ordered the drink.  Suddenly, Olivia’s mother told her to buy camera today.

So, after finished, we went back to Olivia’s house by LRT, to take her money.
Do you know what happened again? Olivia separated from us. There were so many people there. When the train came, I and Christianti entered to train, and we thought that Olivia did it too. But, we didn’t see her. Then, I sent message from Blackberry Messager to her. She asked me where we are. I said that we were already in train. You know what? SHE WAS STILL IN TRAIN STATION. Hahahahhahaa. Crazy right? Hmm. I asked her to wait other train there.
Finally, we reached the last station, and we were waiting for Olivia. Few minutes later, Olivia came, then we went to her house.
After all, we went back to Lowyat by taxi (really tired to use train, because we have to walk again after we reach the station). Finally, Olivia bought the camera (second type, for student) and we went home.

Really, what a long long long day! Tired? Yes. Hahahhaa
But it doesn’t matter, because now we can take the pictures from the real camera, because during here, we just took the pictures use hand phone camera. I didn’t bring my camera digital from Indonesia L

I really happy now, because I can open my blog again, post this thing, and do you know what? I got notifications from my lookbook, hahha. Yes, I just registered to that website  on 19 November. There are some people hype on my photos :p

Actually, I’m a newbie from that website. I hope, I can develop it again, because now, I can take real picture from Olivia’s camera hehehee. Olivia knows about the fashion, and she just learned about make-up from her aunt. Christianti knows about hair-do, like braid, and she knows about make-up too. So, I can ask help from them. How lucky I am. Really love them so much. 
long long day and long story from me right? hahahahaa

Oh yeah, wanna see my lookbook? You can open here: http://lookbook.nu/jssicanovia
Sorry, I’m a beginner, so my photos are poor :(
But I’m happy, even though you just open and look at my photos there hehehhee
Thank you for visiting my blog, hope you enjoy my blog and do leave a comment yaah! >.<


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some freak ACTIONS

10:18 PM

thank God, it's sunday! hahahahaa
happy holy sunday guys

just wanna share some crazy thing that i did last night with my lovely roomate hahahaha

taken at : Vista Komanwel A 2*-6, my room, my bathroom

hahahahhaaa don't try this at home LOL

anyway, happy sunday all! God bless us! 


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it's CUTE~

2:09 AM

hello! this is me again! hahahaa
how's your day? 
you know, this is the greatest weekend for me
i had collected all of my college assignments hohohooo
see ya next time assignments, and it means that final exam is right in the corner
come to mama hey you, final exam. i wish all the best for my assignments and exams results this semester.
by the way, my final exams will start from 4th December 2011, and now is buffer week. actually, holiday and buffer week are the same for me LOL. 
December is getting closer. December is the best month in my life, i love december much. i have long long holidays from that month until january next year. what a life! haahhahaa
december? wooooo i will go back to my hometown, South Borneo, Indonesia, on this 21st December.
i really miss my family, i really miss Indonesian foods, i really miss all of my friends there, i really miss my bedroom, my house (actually not mine, my parent's house LOL), i really miss my dolls, i really miss my clothes there, really miss my accesories, my shoes, my bags, my my my and many other things of mine :D
i love CHRISTMAS! we'll make christmas party together, pray together, go to church together, tell stories and jokes, laugh together, and kiss and hug my parents on their cheeks (best moments) 

oh yaa, i just found something cute about fashion. i love fashion. 
i opened willabelle ong's blog and TARAAAA woww, how cute!
open this site : http://paledivision.blogspot.com

i love her fashion so much. thats really really over cute and great
i like her face too, she's really cute and beautiful 
her photos are very nice
and i love these photos of  WILLABELLE ONG 

and her boots, ohh they are really cute and nicee TT__TT

does anyone want to buy those boots for me? hahahahahahaha


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Because I Miss You

9:44 AM

Always the exactly same sky and always the same day
Only thing that is different is that you are not here
I thought I've let you go. Without anything left
No, no. I still haven't been able to let you go

Longing for you, I am longing for you. 
Because I am longing for you, I call you and call you by myself everyday
Missing you, I am missing you. 
Because I am missing you, now I just call out your name like a habit. Even today

Day by day, I feel like I am dying, so what could I do?
Love you, Love you I love you
Without even being able to tell you these, I've had to let you go like that

Sorry, I am sorry. 
Can you hear me? 
Could you be able to hear my late confession?
I love you.

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How i miss GAZZELES (XII Science 4)

9:16 PM

 apa itu gazzeles?
gazzeles adalah kmpulan anak2 gila hahahaha
i'll never forget the moments when i was with you guys ;')
helmi, deborah, floren, dita, bos, prita, putri, sasa, luthfi, bana, yaski, aswan, ambar, adit
ayoo kitaa memberontak smansa lagii, bolos satu kelas, besoknya langsung ditelpon orangtua masing2
bahahahahaa KOCAK
parahnya mamah gue bilangnya "ya Bu, di absen aja gapapa"
ayoo kitaa study tour laagiii, naik roller coaster di BNS hahahahaha
kangeenyaa TT__TT
ayoo kita sauna lagi di kelas kita yang berAC tp panasnya minta ampun hahaha

miss you guys :( :(