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hello 2012

5:59 PM

Have you made your own wishing lists for new year? yeah! it's two-thousand-and-twelve! twelve! i love twelveee ;)
last night, new year night, i and my cousin (Agnes) made our wishing lists hahhahaahaa
wishing lists are secret, so i can't tell ya about our wishes xD

anddddddd,, these are some pictures of us with our wishing lists xD

(our sleepy eyes, haahhahahaa)

(can you make this eyes? xD)

Another fresh new year is here

Another year to live

To banish worry, doubt, and fear

To love and laugh and give

This bright new year is given me

To live each day with zest

To daily grow and try to be

My highest and my best

I have the opportunity

Once more to right some wrongs,

To pray for peace, to plant a tree

And sing more joyful songs


our world

merry christmas everyone!

6:57 AM

yeeiiyy, this is 25th of December. the most beautiful time of the year, have family time, laugh together, and so many things that we did today together, thank God, this s really home ;)
o yeaahh, you know right that now i'm homee, yes, i went back last 21st of December. really really happy xD
finally, i can meet my dad, mom, brothers, aunt, grandma, uncle, niece, nephew, andd soo maanyy moreee
and, guess what? i could meet my senior highschool classmate, GZ members. even though, not all of the members could come to my house, but, i was happy xD
then, we took pictures together xD

(yaski, bos, me, putri, lutfi)

(me with putri)

(me with Alvin : Merry Christmas everyone!)

(with my cutest nephew, Chelline)

(smile for you, from chelline xD)

and this is the last pict



our world

this is real Christmas

9:18 AM

heii, i will go home this Wednesdaaaayy, yihaaa!!!!!
welcome Indonesiaaa, i'm cominnnn :**

yeah, we celebrate christmas today at Antioch Church Kuala Lumpur
what a fantastic day!
today, i sleep at Olivia's Apartment, and we shoot some photos tonight xD
these pictures was captured by Olivia Adinda Putri

big thank to Olipia Adenda Puteli hahahhaaa



jssica's world


11:02 PM

yesterday is 12th of December, yess, i love that date, that's my birthday dateee
huaahh, say hello to 18 Years Old, ohmygod, i'm older than beforee

i received so many birthday greetingss from my friends and my family
i captured some of them ^^

(From my lovely Gazzeles-XII Science 4, Senior High School, SMAN1Banjarbaru)
miss all of youu, guysss :**

(From my senior high school friends, my family and friends from Indonesia, and my family from KL)

thankyousomuch for all wishes, i really happy ^^
actually, i wanna post this yesterday, but, i was sick yesterday. how pity, sick when birthday T__T
oh yeahh, i have passed all of the exams, yeah!! wanna go home as soon as possible hahhaaa
ticket is in my hand nowww, see youu Indonesiaaaaaaa on 21st December! :**