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9:14 AM

just took random photoss after i bought new headband. i love this bubble brown headband much! heheheee
and i could buy it with cheap price in Daiso >.<


anywayy, happy sundayy everyonee!!


jssica's world

my super dad and my extraordinary mom

8:47 AM

just wanna tell you how much i love my dad and my mom.

My parents are not parents who are ordinary, but they are the parents who are extraordinary.
Those who always keeping me, taking care of me when i'm sick, teaching me all the positive things, teaching me to know and trust the Lord, teaching me to always be patient, teaching me to keep strong in the worst situation, giving me passion in life, supporting what i want, yelling at me when i'm wrong, yelling at me when i do bad things.
They are always struggling for their children.
I believe, God has arranged my life perfectly because God has given SUPER PARENTS to me.
Thank God ;)
I do love them much! :)


our world

happy valentine's day

8:05 AM

happy valentine everyone! love from here, Kuala Lumpur (but heart is in Indonesia) :p


jssica's world

happy holy sunday

8:32 AM

happy sunday everybody
oops, it's already monday right? yeeeep, it's already 00.20 o'clock here, in Kuala Lumpur
yaaaaaaa, i went back to KL last 4th February, to continue my study heree, i wish i can go back to Indonesia as soon as possible, i'm waiting for next long holidays :p
now, you can see, how i love Indonesia muchh, especially South Borneo hahahaha
long time not write in my blog, yess, suddenly i felt so lazy to post, but i don't know why, today i feel like i wanna write something hereee :P
sooo, how was your weekend guys? 

my weekend? i woke up late, yes because holidays hahahhaaaa
do you know what? after church, i was feeling that i want french fries, then we went to McD to buy french fries in Large size hahahhaa
then, we bought macaroons and go diva chocolate in kozet cafe :3
anddd youu know whaat? after that, we ate yogurt, hahahahahaa unbelievable 

( yogurt with 4 toppings, macaroons, and chocolate, how lovely )

okaayy, now i wanna go bed and sleep, because i have afternoon class today, hoaaaamm
good night people, have a nice dream and nice monday! fighting!!