5:04 AM

yesss, we are joining k-pop obseSHE video competition. That's our project.
guys, we need your VOTE, so we can win this competition.
Our group's name is SHEgne (from cygne means swan), with member: Me, Wilhelmina, and Putri.


-Like SHElalaland fanpage here
-Click this site
-Next, click VIDEO GALLERY
-Search SHEgne (yes, our group)
-When you find any trouble when voting, read this first. 

Your vote means a lot for us!



7:25 AM

Saturday Night
Nothing to do, except sitting in front of my lovey laptop, browsing, twitter-ing, facebook-ing.
Actually, one of my final exam results already out! and it's good. i'm satisfied with that result. Still waiting for the other results and always pray for the best. 
So, from last Tuesday until now, me and two of my friends were doing a big project. I'm gonna tell you when we already finish it! hm, tomorrow will finish and maybe on Monday, i will write a post about our project. So, do wait for it! ^^

So, i took the pictures with Fisheye Lens. This is not mine, but my friend is the owner. Also, my photos were taken by her ;) *Major Love*

Then, i combined the photos, and taraaaaaaa 

Fisheye Lens is cuteee and a-MUST-try! heheee

I've already bought the tickets go back to KL next September. Need to buy it from now, because the tickets are quite expensive :(
But, it means that my holidays will end soon, have to study again :(

Tomorrow is Sunday, so happy Sunday all (yes, like my shirt) haha
and also Happy Fasting for everyone who celebrate it!


Craving for ....

8:07 AM

so hello July, new month, new wish, new new new
little bit sad because it's already July. Yes, it means that i will go back to KL soon :(

so, for today post, a few days ago, i found something cute and colorful. actually, i'm really craving for these stuffs, hiksss. sooooo, the stuffs are:

1. Shorts from abocshop

oh rainbow oh rainbow, how beatiful you are! hope i'll find something like this xD

2. Shoes from AdorableProjectIndonesia (especially in tosca color)

actually, i already have shoes like the first pic, but in grey and from different shop xD

3. Bags from (again)  AdorableProjectIndonesia

4. Floral-printed shoes (taken from random shop)

5. Galaxy-Pattern Things 

Actually, if i buy all of those stuffs, i have to do shop through online, and my mom doesn't like online stuffs, with reason we can't see the things first, and we'll regret later if the things do not suit us. so it's better to go to the store and choose the best one. Last year, i bought a shirt through online, and when the shirt came, i'm little bit disappointed, because the size is too large for me, and i only wore it for one time. 
But, last month, i bought a dress from Geisha Shop, and when it came, i was really happy, because the dress is too cute. But, i still don't have the right time to wear that dress, so when i wear the dress, i will take the pictures and post it to this lovely blog!

And, one more. I'm on diet right now, because i feel like i'm already overweight hahahaa. But, people around me told me that i'm still in ideal weight because i'm tall. 
i've lost 3 kg in 4 days hahaa. FIGHTINGG!! Dream, believe, and make it happen, yeay!

So guys, what are you craving for?
Tell me!!!