MY 12-12-12

6:50 PM

12 December 2012

new age, get older... ohmy, i want to be forever young!
hiphip, today's my birthday.. special birthday maybe, because of the date. triple twelve, thats why i love 12 most!
so, i got the craziest birthday surprise ever from my best friends, haha
thank you so much guys! and also for my housemate who helped them, super thanks!
yeah, they were inside my house without my knowing! then at 00:00, they knocked my room's door, and i guess my housemate did it. When i opened the door, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you"! oh my God, birthday cake with people i love around! and they were bullying me! -_-
Thank's God for this life, for new age, perfect parents and family, lovely friends around me! 
Without You, i'm nothing <3

The first Birthday Greeting, from my lovely daddy,mommy,bro-s,and family! <3

such a lovely surprise! <3
thanks guys!
actually, still many photos that i haven't published yet, i will publish my gifts as soon as possible!

so, thanks everyone for the birthday greetings! LOVE LOVE